The World Cup

The World Cup is always an exciting time! When I was young my parents let me to stay up late to watch it. I used to love watching Gary Lineker play for England. 

I am enjoying watching the World Cup this year but it has been disappointing for both England and Japan. England lost to both Italy and Uruguay. Japan lost to Cote D’Ivoire and drew against Greece. In my opinion, England’s defenders were weak. Both Italy and Greece’s attacks were strong and fast. When they attacked us, we couldn’t defend well enough. I think Japan played well but need to attack more aggressively. I think the Japanese team is getting stronger every year and I hope that one day they can win the world cup.

Football unites people together. I enjoy seeing crowds of people from various nations together cheering their teams. Different colours, languages and cultures, but one passion – football!

Below is a picture of the flags of all the countries at the World Cup. Can you guess the nations? Click the picture to see the answers!