Smoke Free?

Do you know what “Smoke Free” means?

It doesn’t mean “You can smoke” or “Free cigarettes” – the actual meaning is “No smoking”.

It would be bad manners to smoke somewhere with a sign saying “Smoke Free Zone”.

In Australia, smoking is generally prohibited in residential areas, parks, beaches, restaurants and even pubs.

Each country has its own rules about smoking so if you are a smoker who is planning to travel abroad, it’s best to check the smoking rules in that country before you leave.

皆さんは、「Smoke Free」の意味をご存知ですか?



海外へ行ったことのある方はご存知かもしれませんが、「Smoke Free Zone」と書かれた看板のある場所で喫煙してしまうと、マナー違反になってしまうのでご注意を!