Pancake Day

Do you like pancakes? I’m not talking about those little thick pancakes you get in America (although they are good), I’m talking about British pancakes – big, thin and usually covered in lemon and sugar.

I love these pancakes. They are a special treat. They’re so special, every year we have a special day for eating them – Pancake Day! Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday) is celebrated in several different countries, and is the day before the start of Lent. This year, Pancake Day is on 28 February.

Lent is the name given to the 40 days before Easter. Many people give up things they like during Lent. For example, some people stop eating chocolate for Lent. Others might give up drinking coffee. Then, after Easter they can start eating chocolate or drinking coffee again.

Traditionally, people didn’t eat things like butter and eggs during Lent, so they used them to make pancakes on the day before Lent started. Now, most people don’t give up butter and eggs during Lent, but we still make pancakes on Pancake Day.

When you make a pancake, many people like to toss it (throw it into the air and catch it in the frying pan) to turn it over. There are many pancake day races in the UK where people have to run and toss a pancake at the same time.

The traditional toppings for pancakes in the UK are lemon and sugar, but we also use things like fruit, ice cream, cream and chocolate sauce. Some people also have savoury pancakes, with cheese and meat.

Why not try some pancakes this week for Pancake Day?