It’s hot!

The rainy season has arrived in Japan, and very soon the hot, humid Japanese summer will be here. After coming to Japan from my home country of England, summer in Nagoya is not something that I look forward to. My body is not made for hot weather, and in the summer you will find me hiding from the heat in my room with the air conditioning on full power.

Summer in the UK is a little bit different. Of course we have some hot days, but also a lot of days when it’s not very hot at all. The average temperature from June to August in the UK is just 21ºC. Also, the UK is famous for rain and it rains a lot in the summer too. If you’re going on holiday to the UK this summer, you should probably take an umbrella and a sweater too, just incase.

Having said that, the UK is experiencing a bit of a heatwave at the moment. This week temperatures in the UK reached a sweltering 34.5ºC – the hottest day in June since 1976. People have been coping with the heat however they can, but one problem with hot weather in the UK is that most people don’t have air conditioning in their homes. Maybe being in Japan in the summer isn’t so bad after all…

The UK will soon return to normal though – heavy rain is forecast for the weekend.

What do you do to keep cool in the summer?


look forward to: 期待する、楽しみにする
heatwave: a long period of very hot weather; 熱波
sweltering: very hot
coping: 我慢してる
forecast: 予報する